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  Did dinosaurs ever rule the earth?  
  Can instinctive behavior evolve over time?  
  Are in-between creatures scientific reality?  
  Programs to provide solid Bible based scientific evidence for Creation, refuting the outdated bankrupt philosophy of evolution.   We offer Creation Presentations for all ages.

We are available for:
Childrens Mission Activities/Wednesday Programs
● Sunday Services
● Special Presentations/Seminars
● Youth Groups
● Puppet Shows
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What others are saying about Spotlight On Creation:

"Just got back from your website, and I was blessed to see what you have done with the ministry God has called you to. I was especially impressed with your commitment to teaching children the truth."
Steve Rowitt Th.M. Ph.D. (c)   -  Chief Technical Advisor, Creation Studies Institute

"Actually, your cartoons are quite unique, and I found your play for children to be very interesting and very entertaining, while at the same time, being very informative.”

Dr. Duane Gish, Ph.D.  -  Vice President, Institute for Creation Research

“Your presentation challenged us all (children and adults) to think and warned us against “blind” acceptance of evolutionary thinking.”
Jerry C. Little, Pastor  -  Carrollton, Georgia

“I can heartily recommend you and trust many will take advantage of the years of research you have put into the Creation Presentation.”
Talmadge Chandler, Pastor  -  Franklin, Georgia

“Your combination of fact and humor is fantastic.  Keep up the good work.”
Ray Johnson, Pastor  -  Destin, Florida